Venus Secrets 24 Hours/Moisture Facial Cream with Organic Olive & Aronia by Venus Secrets

Moisturizer For Women / 24 Hours/Moisture Facial Cream Organic Olive & Aloe with Aronia / 50ml / Natural Cosmetics / For Normal , Sensitive , Oily or Severely Dry Skin / Repairs Damaged Cells;24 Hours Facial cream with moisturising elements, Organic olive Olive, Organic Aloe vera, Aronia, Panthenol, and vegetable and organic extracts, oils and vitamins. Provides re-generation and deep moisturization of the skin. For re-generation and deep moisturisation of the skin. Protects skin against the negative influence of the enviroment and free radicals. (Moisturiser for women).;USAGE: Only a very small amount is necessary for each use.;OLIVE & ALOE: Generally, the use of aloe in the field of beauty is multifaceted with many benefits including